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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thomas Fedro Drawing

This school year I wanted to introduce some new artist to my middle school students. So, as I browsed the Pinterest site I stumbled up on an artist by the name of Thomas Fedro. He has a unique painting style, it reminds me of Picasso's Cubist portraits. I enjoy his bold colors, interesting designs and unique placement of objects and shapes.

I asked my students to create a portrait or still life in the style of Thomas Fedro. Students used oil pastel instead of paint. Before we started we practiced  a few oil pastel techniques. We learned to scrap off excess pastel, blending with baby oil and using paper towel to blend. We also practiced shading, adding black and white pastel to other colors.

We had a great time, students learned very quickly not to use to much baby oil because it bleeds through the paper. Once they got the hang of it they loved using it. I've posted below some finished and unfinished pieces.

Love how he scratched a star into his design