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Saturday, September 19, 2015

First Week of School!

First day of school! Boy, does time fly, it seems as though we just cleaned our rooms getting ready for summer break and, Baaam!, we are back at it again.  Well I recently did some research on Choice Based Art and I started contemplating whether or not I should or even could attempt to try it in my class room.  So far I have learned that many of my classes enjoy it. I have not fully committed my classes to Choice Based but i am starting small with a few grade levels and so far I am enjoying the process and watching them enjoy experimenting. Below are a few pictures of my room, how I set it up this year and a few pictures of the students working at their centers. The centers that I opened for experimentation were drawing, print making, prints with stamps and sculpey clay.

Soon to be mural created by my Middle School Art Club