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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Clay Animals and Creatures

Clay animals and creatures. My seventh and eighth grade basic design class completed these at the end of the trimester. We learned about a few clay hand building techniques, bisque fired them and used tempera paint to make them come to life with color.  

Angry Bird Clay Project

                                Angry Birds!!!

This was a simple lesson on pinch pot methods and hand building with clay. I have three six grade classes that I see each week, and I decided instead of having almost 90 clay projects of the same thing each class created a different clay project. One class created pinched pot snowmen and this one created Angry Birds.  I'm still not sure as to what I want to do with the next sixth grade class. Any suggestions?

 We used tempera paint for color and they turned out great. Each one is so different.

Super Hero Paintings

This was my first year doing this project but it will not be my last. 
My seventh and eighth graders really enjoyed this lesson. I introduced the class to artists like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and a few other Pop Artist. We examined their work and discussed the types of subject matters they used in their paintings. Since, we were focusing on quite a few Pop Artist I decided to use Super Heroes as our theme (I figured this was something that most of my students could relate to). I printed out a few super hero pictures for inspiration. We created a few simple sketches for warm-up and then made our final copies on 12X18 white paper. We used tempera paint for color. Students could use the style of any of the artist that we discussed in class. Below are a few of my student examples.