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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back to School

Welcome Back!  This year I've decided to focus even more on Elements and Principles of design. So my room is dedicated to the Elements. I love cartoon characters and so do  my students so as an attention getter I used my characters to display the elements. I used student artwork as examples of each element. Color- Mondrian project using primary colors. Space-Notan design representing positive and negative space.
There are a few things that I decided to continue from previous years. My Student Artist of the Month has always been a huge hit. I have students already asking me about becoming a student artist of the month. I will continue to choose one boy and one girl, middle school student and one elementary student. They must show 100% effort, Moral Focus, display a since of responsibility, determination and great attitude. They do not have to be a great artist but their character must exhibit excellence.

Lastly, this is my bulletin board for the beginning of the year. You can't go wrong with a Minion.

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