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Monday, April 1, 2013

Kindergarten Octopus

This is a kindergarten project inspired by a greeting card that I saw on Pinterest. The Kindergarten classes started learning about short vowel and long vowels. I wanted to find a lesson that would help introduce the short vowel O. So, we created a mixed media project using the short vowel O in Octopus. Warning: this project took about 4 to 5 35min. class sessions.

 Next we took Syran wrap while the paint was wet and covered our paintings thoroughly. (My advice is to have a parent or aid help with this process or pre-cut all Syran wrap prior to this, believe me it helps).

 Once it has dried you should get a nice wavy texture on your blue paper. I hope you can see it on this picture (sorry about the glare).
Next, we took  our pre-made stencil and traced and cut it out of orange paper.
                                                Add eyes to your octopus and a mouth

 Finally, we added rocks and  seaweed using colored construction paper. This helped reinforce their cutting skills and bubbles using marker tops. I will post the finished product as soon as we complete the lesson.