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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Symmetrical Faces

 This is a lesson that I do every year with my fourth grade classes. They love being able to create any face they want.  
  Step one take two pieces of 9x12 contrasting colors of construction paper and fold them in half.
If you fold it the long way the face will be elongated and if you fold it the short way like a book, the face will be wide.

Now, after you fold both sheets, cut them in half on the folded crease. Take one half of your paper and draw half of a face.
Now, place both halves together and you'll get one whole face. Use the extra scraps to add details. I usually give my students specific details to add to see their cutting and gluing skills.(three part eyes, hair, neck and shoulders to start).

 Here are a few finished and almost finished pieces.


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