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Sunday, January 20, 2013

How do you celebrate your student artist?

How do art teachers celebrate their young artist?

 I know many of us as art teacher celebrate our students once a year during our annual art shows but that's only one time during the year and maybe not all students are able to participate in it. So what do you do?

During our school wide assembly each grade level chooses two students a boy and a girl as Student of the Month. Students are chosen not by grades alone but growth, effort and improvement through out the month. I started thinking what could I do to celebrate students for working just as hard in art. So, I started the Student Artist of The Month. Each month I select one boy and one girl, from lower elementary and the other from Middle school (I teach K-8 art).  I choose students not on their ability in art, but how well they improved during the month. Whether it be behavior changes, team work, improved self-motivation or worked through some challenges during the month I look at many areas.

At the school wide assembly I present them a certificate and a special made crayon in front of the entire school. Then one piece of their art work is displayed outside the art room door with their name and photo displayed. I include an I Can statement explaining what they learned from making their project. I also include their names and picture in the school newsletter. I have found that the students really feel special and appreciated. I have students who started out as a challenge now work extra hard just to be considered for the Student Artist of the Month. Below you'll find a picture of my Student Artist of the Month display.

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