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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Overlapped Shapes

Each year I give fifth grade a review lesson on elements of art.  Students use shapes, texture and color in this lesson.   Students learn to overlap shapes by erasing lines that are within a shape. They may use all organic shapes or mix them with geometric shapes.  Later, we color the entire paper with marker and finally add texture by adding glue and then sprinkle glitter over the paper. Every things better with glitter! Lastly, we mount our designs on to construction paper.
Brighter colors really make the artwork stand out the best.

Art Fundraiser

My art fundraiser is going great. In two days I have raised $200.00. I have students, parents and organizations donating old broken crayons for this fundraiser and I only have to purchase the molds  (with a few coupons they are cheap).  The kids and parents love the crayons. I will start getting new shapes each month. So far I have stars, hearts, little figures, pumpkins and leaves. I just ordered football shapes for my sports fans. All of the proceeds go towards purchasing art supplies through out the year.  I am so excited!
Check out some of our crazy color combinations.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Make money using old crayons!

How many of you art teachers have tons of broken crayons that you get so sick of looking at? I did..notice I said I did.
Well, I came up with a great way to reuse those crayons, but also make some money for art supplies in the process. I am making shaped crayons from old broken crayons from last year.
I melt the crayons down in a rubber mold and sell the crayons to the students 2 for $1.00 or $.50 a piece. The kids love them I don't have to spend any money to make them and the art room can buy more supplies as the year progresses.  I make them in a variety of colors and shapes.
Why didn't I think of this before!
They are so cool! Here are two of my crayons. I will use open house as a way to advertise to parents.

What's in the Attic?

My third graders are starting with this lesson this week. It's a great way to incorporate reading and comprehension in art. We start out by reading this short passage which is called What's in the Attic? After we read the story aloud I ask the students to describe Bill in the story.
After we have discussed each description the students receive a large piece of white paper and draw Bill using the story. The kids love it! The next day of art is when I show them my example..(students tend to want to copy my example) so I wait a day and allow them to create their own first. We use markers for color and I also have them create the attic.
Here is an example of what Bill could look like.