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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Monkey Painting

 Here is a quick lesson on Monkey's...I love monkeys!  I did this project with my 6th graders and we focused our lesson on the painting called the Blue Dog byGeorge Rodrigue. Instead of typically doing a dog we discussed as a class what other animals we could do as a series like George Rodrigue. We came up with the Monkey. We started out by drawing sketeches of our monkey using some example sheets that I prepared. We drew our monkey keeping in mind that we wanted to make this memorable, so we added either a unique background or article of clothing to our picture. After drawing it on white 12x18 paper we used black elmers glue and traced our picture. Lastly, after a good drying time we using water color to paint our monkeys. Below is one example of our monkey painting.

Things you need:

elmers glue mixed with black tempera
Watercolor paint (any variety will do)
Monkey images
Example of George Rodrigue Blue Dog
12x18 white paper

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