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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Substitute Binder

I saw this on Pinterest...Love this idea!!!  I have three more weeks before I go back to school, I still can't believe how fast the time went. I promised my self that regardless of the time approaching I will enjoy every minute of summer. Although, I am on vacation, I still like working on a few school projects. So, I am at work creating my substitute binder. Every year my principal asks for lessons for at least a three day absence, so I'm getting a head start.

My sub binder includes a table of contents to direct the sub through the binder. I don't have everything in the binder as of today, but as soon as I receive my packet of goodies from school (school map, seating chart, schedule..etc.) I can add a lot more.

 Here are a few lesson plans and handouts that were added recently.

I also added a comment page for the sub. I'll post the finish product on a later date.

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