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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Art room construction

Here are a few more pictures of my room. I am so happy to be finished.
My word wall consists of principles of designs and elements of art.
(I will add more throughout the year)

This is my assignment box, for dry papers. I took a huge box from my poster board order and used fabric to cover it. I saw this stop sign on Pinterest, I just had to add it. I dislike with a passion no name papers.

Love these hooks! The best idea I could have ever come up with.

To keep my line straight in case I have some late pick ups from teachers.I even put foot prints in front of my sink.

Finished product and looking forward to starting a new school year next Tuesday.


  1. I like the idea of having a word wall in the art room. I would have never thought if that.

    1. Thanks. I hope to update it through out the year.

  2. Love the footprints!!! Do the kids actually stick to them? The word wall is also a great visual reinforcement :)

  3. Thanks the foot prints are actually working this year. I don't have any finger prints on the wall so far. It's a great way to teach procedures. I have foot prints at the pencil sharpener as well as the sink. Middle school students follow them too.