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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Annunal Student Art Show

So here are a few pictures from my Annual Student Art Show. The Art Show was awesome this year I had student volunteers to help label, glue, paint and set up (stress free!)

We filled the gym and had to move to the halls.

This year we added a flip book table it was a big hit.

The affirmation box is always successful and makes the students feel really good about themselves.  Each students is given the opportunity to write a positive comment for their fellow peer artist. Later in the week we deliver the affrimations to each artist.


  1. love the flipbook idea! Consider yourself pinned:)

  2. Yes, I love the flipbook idea too! I REALLY love the affirmation box and would love a copy of your wording if at all possible. Thanks for sharing your smArty good work! ~*~