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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jumping in Leaves

Here is a quick lesson inspired by the art lesson "Catching Snowflakes". Students will create a portrait or self portrait that demonstrates playing in autumn leaves. I usually lead the class as a whole group and teach step by step how to draw their portrait. We begin with head first and continue from their. I had students draw there own leaves but a variation could be using rubbing plates for texture

or real leaves glued to the paper. There are many things that could be done here. We used watercolor, but tempera cakes or paint would be nice to use as well. Remember these are first graders so expect a small mess with paint. I will post more pictures as the students complete this project.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thomas Fedro Drawing

This school year I wanted to introduce some new artist to my middle school students. So, as I browsed the Pinterest site I stumbled up on an artist by the name of Thomas Fedro. He has a unique painting style, it reminds me of Picasso's Cubist portraits. I enjoy his bold colors, interesting designs and unique placement of objects and shapes.

I asked my students to create a portrait or still life in the style of Thomas Fedro. Students used oil pastel instead of paint. Before we started we practiced  a few oil pastel techniques. We learned to scrap off excess pastel, blending with baby oil and using paper towel to blend. We also practiced shading, adding black and white pastel to other colors.

We had a great time, students learned very quickly not to use to much baby oil because it bleeds through the paper. Once they got the hang of it they loved using it. I've posted below some finished and unfinished pieces.

Love how he scratched a star into his design

Saturday, September 19, 2015

First Week of School!

First day of school! Boy, does time fly, it seems as though we just cleaned our rooms getting ready for summer break and, Baaam!, we are back at it again.  Well I recently did some research on Choice Based Art and I started contemplating whether or not I should or even could attempt to try it in my class room.  So far I have learned that many of my classes enjoy it. I have not fully committed my classes to Choice Based but i am starting small with a few grade levels and so far I am enjoying the process and watching them enjoy experimenting. Below are a few pictures of my room, how I set it up this year and a few pictures of the students working at their centers. The centers that I opened for experimentation were drawing, print making, prints with stamps and sculpey clay.

Soon to be mural created by my Middle School Art Club

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I wanted to share my fundraiser that I hosted in the art room this year. As you know funds are low and supplies are dwindling so the best way to increase both is to put on a fundraiser. So, that's just what I did. Parents, friends and staff were invited to participate in a painting party. Each member of the family was given a 16x20 canvas, brushes and paints. 

Because there were younger children invited I decided to make it an open painting party, where you could paint whatever you want or follow along with my instructions on how to paint a specific piece. The event was great, I had a parent who volunteered to bring refreshments and because of our previous painting party I had left over supplies so I had a profit of over $300.00. 
She loves Hippos. 6th grade teacher
Check out a the fabulous paintings created by our parents, students and staff.

Our Social Studies teacher did an amazing job and brought his two cuties with him.

Even our Kindergarten parents came to support us.

The food was great!